Collection: Let's Support Our Community Together!

Mental health is currently a crisis in our communities.  We've seen so many struggling in ways that may not be noticeable on the surface.  We're experiencing high functioning individuals who are absolutely amazing, but are dealing with life's roadblocks.  This has caused us to pause and review our purpose.  While we still love Fashion, events, and boosting our sisters up, we are seeking to be more intentional about caring for our communities while we do it!   From this, we introduce the Fashion Fun Pop Effect!

The Fashion Fun Pop Effect will be a series of initiatives to support our communities in the best way we know how, doing what we do every day...providing a space, referring resources, and building a supportive community.  

First up...The Free Pop Up Boutique!  Through the years, we've hosted so many events to share fashion.  While doing this, we realized these events were providing so much more.  People were coming to just lay down their burdens for just a few moments, but leaving with connections and resources to assist with the challenges they were currently dealing with.  What if we could provide this opportunity to those who are not currently in the situation to afford such a service?  What if together we could gift this service to many who have been through some things we couldn't even imagine.  The goal is offer these pop ups to organizations that assist in various missions for the betterment of our communities.  These could be shelters, organization, or small grassroot groups that support individuals that just need lifting up.  

Help us in making a difference in someone's day, month, or possibly life!  Help us to make connections that could last a lifetime!  Let's all work to do our part!